Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

In case you like it: The SVG image can be found here - feel free to have fun with it:

CC BY-SA 4.0

@rwa yes, I also saw this post just before I finished this. Has some truth to it.

PS: I wonder why it isn't the green circle that is isolated 🤔 (yes gab, I'm looking at you! Go away! No-one wants you here! )

Thanks for providing the SVG. This is a really generous and beautifully creative act 👏🏽

@tobias Already in wikimedia commons

I have written the name of the author with the mastodont user. That's all right?

@FrancescGali nice, thank you 🙂 I added my full name to the handle

@tobias Can you do a 9:16 for those who want it as a cell phone background?

@tobias Totally fair. If you ever do it, please toot at me. It'd make a great phone bg.

@tobias Also, how do I render the 16:9 version for my desktop wallpaper?

@trash If you have Inkscape installed, you can export a png file from there like this.

1) Open svg with inkscape
2) make sure right background format (layer) is visible
3) select export option in menu
4) click on the black background to make sure the whole area gets exported
5) chose destination
6) export

Here's a gif of the process (sorry that the recording doesn't show the mouse arrow)

@tobias This is awesome! I've made it the Server Thumbnail for my instance! 👍

@tobias This is the best version of the Fediverse logo I ever saw ^^.

This is beautiful! 😍
But I was wondering if it's possible to get the svg file because I really want to have this as my phone background 😋

@tobias So beautiful!!! Thank you for the art and the license :)

This is really cool. How are you planning to use this logo.
A 3D version would be awesome, if the whole star shape is 3D, like a molecule model. Or only the logos are protruded like Lego blocks. But that would be a lot more complicated.

@eddee Hmm ... I honestly haven't got a plan. I just had this idea and wanted to see what it looks like 😁 Right now, I just use it as a header image on @swisode

... and yes, a lot more complicated indeed 😅

@tobias no, thank you for taking your time to show us this. This is def. going on my fedihistory best moments.

@tobias There are some logos that i can't identify...

@lorabe I also didn't know all of them - you can find the icons with corresponding names here:

@tobias Hahaha gargamel will remove ostatus support soon which means gnusocial will remain isolated

@astheroth well, that's what I read of after publishing this 😅

@tobias So cool! What are all of the icons on there? I can only recognize a few...

@EvanHahn They are all the icons I found here:

There you also find the corresponding names 🙂

@tobias yeah! So do I 🤩

Good job with that...looks like you spent a lot of effort on it!

@badrihippo Wohoo 😁 And yes, took quite some time - and a lot of copy-paste-drag-resize-repeat😅

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