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The three laws of organizing

First Law:
Proper organizing may not injure a human being or, through unexpected events, allow a human being to come to harm.

Second Law:
Proper organizing has to be changed in any way any human asks for - no matter the conflicts with the first law.

Third Law:
Proper organizing has to struggle for existence - no matter the conflicts with the first or second law.

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Interesting interview with Jaron Lanier (2018):

Question: “How [do you] respond to the argument that without viable alternatives, walking away from Facebook or social media more generally is a privilege?”

JL: "If you’re privileged enough to have the option of walking away from social media, and yet you don’t, you’re failing to use your privilege to defeat a system that traps other people who are less fortunate than you."

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I 🧡 GitLab

... and free software

... and collaborating on stuff

... and being happy about all this

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Währenddessen denke ich über den Aufbau der URLs nach:

- /ersetze/google-maps
- /ersatz-zu/google-maps
- /ciao/google-maps
- /nie-wieder/google-maps ( 😂)
- ...


Ganz allmählich fügen sich bei die ersten Puzzle-Teile zusammen. Danke an Tobias für den Input zu OpenStreetMaps 😊

Und nein, ich spreche nicht in dritter Person von mir selbst - er heißt auch Tobias 😁 Schon lustig

The Morning: Today I'm gonna clean my apartment - I swear!

The Afternoon: I'm writing german translations for and get pulled back into reality by the beeping of a finished washing machine.

What? How did I get here? What happend? ... ... Well, never mind ... 😂

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So, #FFXIV will add buns with the new dlc Shadowbringers and as a bun supporter I obviously had to draw a portrait of the one I'm going to play.

#art #mastoart #creativetoots

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Spannend, welche Krankheiten man so googelt, über welche berichtet wird und an welchen Menschen tatsächlich sterben.

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If your timeline is also dominated by negativity currently, here is a calm post to relax on:

☀️ ☁️
☁️ ☁️



"Mittelungsdienste" - denn mitteilen ist langweilig, ab jetzt wird gemittelt 😝

... Korrekturlesen: Check...

Editing layouts/configs to prepare first entries on - I'm getting closer to what I want 😊

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If the recipe of Nutella ever gets public, please make it GNUtella - thanks

PS: my feet aren't literally broken, just hurting a lot - so don't worry 😅

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