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Oh hey, I should post this here too! I made a CSS-only async chat by using background-image requests to send data and long-running http requests to return it.

I'm uncomfortable with my broken-website rant being on top of my profile 😅 So, let me just add a screenshot of the website here - as it is working again.

It always makes me happy to see it :blobheartcat:

Broken website, anger 

German article of DLR further explaining the motivation and creation of the map

"As the view from space tells us, about one third of earth is covered in forests today. Already half of the world-wide forests were cut down - especially during the mid 20th century."

First worldwide detailed map of forests:

Credits to DLR, Tandem-X

There was one person, but I carefully hid him behind a column 😜

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“This is the most thorough, the most detailed and most extensive planetary health check. The take home message is that we should have gone to the doctor sooner. We are in a bad way. The society we would like our children and grandchildren to live in is in real jeopardy. I cannot overstate it,” he said. “If we leave it to later generations to clear up the mess, I don’t think they will forgive us.”

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UPDATE #Zensurheberrecht: Das BfR schickt ab sofort Zugangscodes zum Glyphosat-Gutachten allen 40.000 Antragstellern zu. Aber es darf immer noch nicht veröffentlicht werden. Es ist absurd!

No Way! ⛔

(One more photograph of my little hiking tour yesterday 📸)

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The Branch Bridge 📸🌱

A little special place I found while hiking yesterday 😊

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Rearranged the furniture in my room - damn, I'm exhausted now 😴 But happy too 😊

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Überzeugt mich mehr als jede GEZ-Kampagne. Ich überweise gleich für den Rest des Jahres. 🤜


"Kampagne gegen #ArminWolf zeigt: wird Zeit, dass sich öffentlich-rechtlicher Rundfunk auch in Deutschland darauf besinnt, wofür er eigentlich da ist. Dafür, Grundfreiheiten in diesem Land mutig zu verteidigen - als Schutzbastion der #Demokratie" - kommentiert. (red)


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Looking for technical help online sounds like this:

“Folks, my shower drain is clogged up, how do I unclog it?”

“Why don’t you move to a house with a bathtub?”
“Try not to clog it up in the first place, duh”
“Why would you even need to take your showers at home?”
“Just take out the things that are clogging the drain, how difficult is that”
“If you can’t maintain a shower stall in good conditions, why do you even clean yourself?”

Librem One, hidden timelines (+) 

Librem One, hidden timelines (+) 

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