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Rises and falls of web browsers in our modern history...

In my life, I think I've only used (as main browsers) :
- Netscape (on PC)
- Opera (on PC and BeOS)
- NetPositive (on BeOS)
- Safari (on Mac)

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The latest movie by Blender Animation Studio is so beautiful 😊 And I love that they host their own peertube instance.

@drq I didn't know about them federating at that time 😅

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Looks like lost his domain because he violated the FreeNOM AUP.

Looks like FreeNOM has already released it to anyone else who wants to register it for the low, low price of $0.

Oops, looks like between the time I wrote the above paragraph and this one someone else registered it.

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Long exposure of lightning over a volcano in Chile, by Francisco Negroni - looks amazing!
📷🔗​ Photographer:

#lightning #volcano #nature #photo by #FranciscoNegroni (CC: @azure )

@ais05 it's beautiful 🙂 no matter what these conpetition people say - I don't even get their point, the scene and atmosphere is completely different :blobheartcat:

@puckipedia I don't know if I would use this, but the idea is genius! 😁

"ergonomische Gestaltung"
der Ausschalter ist ohne Schraubenzieher erreichbar 😂

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Ganz lustig: Satirisches Computerlexikon


niemand hätte gedacht, dass wir es wagen

"frei programmierbar"
es ist noch keine Software dafür vorhanden

"keine Programmiersprache nötig"
es ist keine vorhanden

@codesections Also have been there once 😂 But I don't remember there problem I had 🤔 oh, mastodon, not pleroma - mixed that one up I think runs on pleroma - which is included in the collection of logos 🙂

I haven't collected custom icons of all the instances of a software. That would be an insane amount of work I guess 😅

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Exzellenter Artikel. Sehr persönlich und gleichzeitig faktenreich.
Mir war nicht klar: Die #Kipppunkte werden in den Berichten des #Weltklimarat nicht berücksichtigt!!! Das heißt unser #CO2-Budget ist real viel kleiner!!
Zitat: „und wenn ich auf die großen News-Seiten gucke, beschleicht mich langsam ein Gefühl, als rasten wir mit dem Auto sehenden Auges auf eine Klippe zu, doch statt über Rettungsmaßnahmen, diskutieren alle Insassen nur über die Musik im Radio.“

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