Die Berliner Steinkultur (unser Lego-Verein) nimmt an der im FEZ teil - schaut gern dieses Wochenende bei uns vorbei, wir sind direkt links vom Haupteingang 😁 (Standnummer 2)

Ich werde auch die meiste Zeit mit vor Ort sein 😊

Merge Request: Complete 😁
The small joys of a developers life

I'm uncomfortable with my broken-website rant being on top of my profile πŸ˜… So, let me just add a screenshot of the website here - as it is working again.

It always makes me happy to see it :blobheartcat:

First worldwide detailed map of forests:


Credits to DLR, Tandem-X

No Way! β›”

(One more photograph of my little hiking tour yesterday πŸ“Έ)

The Branch Bridge πŸ“ΈπŸŒ±

A little special place I found while hiking yesterday 😊

Experimenting with the new compact camera of my parents in their garden πŸ˜ŠπŸ“Έ

Stuffing the work-in-progress model into two suitcases to bring them to the other end of Berlin tomorrow πŸ™‚

Don't know yet whether I can handle this alone via public transport or I'm in need of a taxi then πŸ€”

Just finished the lighting of our Lego model - so beautiful πŸ˜™

Just noticed the new release of Grav CMS containing fixes for my two issues - the little joys of life 😁 πŸŽ‰

How many programming errors I made today?

Well, plus minus three ... I guess πŸ˜‚

Today I found a simple solution for the 45°-tower-foundation. No odd-formed base anymore - I'm so proud of this construction ☺️

My room is a mess now though... πŸ˜‚

It's oval in one view and round in another... πŸ€”

Well, I'll go to bed with an unsatisfying Emoji-mosaic - good night

Experimented with the base of one tower today - it want the tower to be twisted by 45 degrees. I'm not quite pleased yet πŸ€”

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