Lately, there hasn't been a lot happening here. Most of the time I'm over on @switchingsoftware, so what's up besides of this in my life?

I'm currently experimenting with , the image shows my first . It's doing nothing yet besides of standing there 😂 But this is working at least!

Also, I redesigned my and think about doing some posts on my Arduino journey there. Maybe making it part of the Fediverse? Let's see 🤔 It's quite outdated currently.

Sehr unterhaltsam, dem "Digitalen Verteilten Online Chaos" DiVOC des CCC zu lauschen - kann nur empfehlen reinzuschauen 😁


A small creation of mine after a long Lego abstinence 😊

(CW: Insect built from Lego - but cute)

Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

Playing around with the new image editor (with Emojis!) while I wait for the upgrade to finish 😁

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Editing layouts/configs to prepare first entries on - I'm getting closer to what I want 😊

Die Berliner Steinkultur (unser Lego-Verein) nimmt an der im FEZ teil - schaut gern dieses Wochenende bei uns vorbei, wir sind direkt links vom Haupteingang 😁 (Standnummer 2)

Ich werde auch die meiste Zeit mit vor Ort sein 😊

Merge Request: Complete 😁
The small joys of a developers life

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I'm uncomfortable with my broken-website rant being on top of my profile 😅 So, let me just add a screenshot of the website here - as it is working again.

It always makes me happy to see it :blobheartcat:

First worldwide detailed map of forests:

Credits to DLR, Tandem-X

No Way! ⛔

(One more photograph of my little hiking tour yesterday 📸)

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