Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

@rwa yes, I also saw this post just before I finished this. Has some truth to it.

PS: I wonder why it isn't the green circle that is isolated 🤔 (yes gab, I'm looking at you! Go away! No-one wants you here! )

Thanks for providing the SVG. This is a really generous and beautifully creative act 👏🏽

@tobias Already in wikimedia commons

I have written the name of the author with the mastodont user. That's all right?

@FrancescGali nice, thank you 🙂 I added my full name to the handle

@tobias Hey, I'm currently writing a blog post about the ActivityPub Conference, and I'm wondering if I can use this image as my featured image for that post? :)

@maloki Feel free to do so, would be a pleasure 🙂

PS: Send a link over when it's published, I'm curious to read it 😁

@maloki really good work! 👍 I'll definitely also check out some linked videos there 🙂 Thanks for sharing

@tobias Thank you for sharing this! I used this version as cover image for my article on how to break out of the centralized social networks hamster wheel:

@angdraug Thanks for sharing the article in return - I like it 🙂

@tobias This is the best version of the Fediverse logo I ever saw ^^.

This is beautiful! 😍
But I was wondering if it's possible to get the svg file because I really want to have this as my phone background 😋

@tobias So beautiful!!! Thank you for the art and the license :)

This is really cool. How are you planning to use this logo.
A 3D version would be awesome, if the whole star shape is 3D, like a molecule model. Or only the logos are protruded like Lego blocks. But that would be a lot more complicated.

@eddee Hmm ... I honestly haven't got a plan. I just had this idea and wanted to see what it looks like 😁 Right now, I just use it as a header image on @swisode

... and yes, a lot more complicated indeed 😅

@tobias no, thank you for taking your time to show us this. This is def. going on my fedihistory best moments.

@tobias There are some logos that i can't identify...

@lorabe I also didn't know all of them - you can find the icons with corresponding names here:

@tobias Hahaha gargamel will remove ostatus support soon which means gnusocial will remain isolated

@astheroth well, that's what I read of after publishing this 😅

@tobias So cool! What are all of the icons on there? I can only recognize a few...

@EvanHahn They are all the icons I found here:

There you also find the corresponding names 🙂

@EvanHahn GNUSocial, Misskey, Pixelfed, Mastodon, Friendica, Diaspora (wait, do they sport ActiviyPub yet?), couple of new players I don't know yet. @tobias

@tobias yeah! So do I 🤩

Good job with that...looks like you spent a lot of effort on it!

@badrihippo Wohoo 😁 And yes, took quite some time - and a lot of copy-paste-drag-resize-repeat😅

@tobias Great job, I have no clue how to do something like that with Inkscape other than manually!

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