Broken website, anger 

Damn, I broke my website ... once again. Why why whyyyyy. 😑 🀬

"Just do some 'apt-get upgrade' in the evening, what could possibly go wrong?"

Pure dumbness, I get some php extension error now and don't know what's wrong.

Why can't I host a dead-simple website reliably πŸ˜₯

Broken website, anger 

Do you use containers? If you don't, I recommend you do so to be able to port your stuff wherever πŸ™‚

If for some reason you're not knowledgeable in the subject I'd be happy to help.

Broken website, anger 

@alejandro no, just a ubuntu digital ocean droplet configured by this guide:

I worked with docker containers locally before. But they messed up the privileges of files / folders in the volume for me. And I don't know ... maybe there is an easy way to:

1) setup grav with php and nginx securely
2) get the user files from my git repository
3) test updates beforehand

I'll just leave it broken and continue tomorrow evening as I really need some sleep 😢

Broken website, anger 

There is a way indeed. You can set up a CI system (such as TravisCI, CircleCI) so that as soon as any of your commits gets merged into master a new Docker image gets built and uploaded to DockerHub, then deployed on your server.

As for the testing we should look into it. It's hard to give you an immediate answer without knowing the details of the stack you make use of. πŸ˜…

@alejandro I got it back working now 😊

Hmm, I think I'll stay with my simple solution without docker and dockerhub at the moment.

And I'll have a look at backups on digitalocean before I change anything again 😁

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