First worldwide detailed map of forests:

Credits to DLR, Tandem-X

German article of DLR further explaining the motivation and creation of the map

"As the view from space tells us, about one third of earth is covered in forests today. Already half of the world-wide forests were cut down - especially during the mid 20th century."

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@uint8_t Exactly my thought on looking at this ☹️

Well you have to remember that not all of the world was covered with wood once. Most of Europe certainly was, but not Africa (big desserts and such) or the far north (Tundra)

So a lot is lost, but the image would never have been mostly green. It would be nice to have a comparison with older images tough... But these are the first of their kind.

@AndiS @uint8_t This image was maybe never mostly green. I just added it as an example part of the map that interested me personally the most 😊

But the whole world was mostly (⅔) green once - half of the forests are gone now and only a third of earth's land is covered with them now. 🤔

For source:

@AndiS @uint8_t and yes, I also would be really interested in a comparison - to see where the most is missing now.

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