Just finished the lighting of our Lego model - so beautiful 😙


Out of curiosity, how much more or less does it cost to maintain this hobby? I used to love Lego and I'm sure I'd still love it now.

@alejandro That's difficult to answer.

I stopped buying new stuff recently. My room is all filled up with bricks, I'm selling stuff to get space currently. It's feels all to much right now.

Also, because most people don't know what to give me on birthday, x-mas etc. I got Lego all the time 😅

When I built my stork ( I bought bricks for 500+ euros just for this ... I wanted to build more than one bird as there was the chance of being commissioned for it and sell them...

@alejandro In the end, there is no need to spend big amounts of money if you don't want to. You can also do very beautiful vignette builds with little amounts of pieces 🤔

@alejandro Some of my creations as examples - all built more or less with the same (small) amount of pieces

Thanks for your input! I'm going to read more on the topic 🙂

@alejandro Have fun! And feel free to ask if you have questions. ... Aaaaand don't exaggerate like I did 😂

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